• Field Service

    Installations, repairs, and periodic maintenance

    Yushin America offers customer support and service from our headquarters in Rhode Island and through branch sales/service offices in:

    Cerritos, CA

    Riverside, CA

    Salt Lake City, UT

    Harlingen, TX

    Plainfield, IL

    Rockford, IL

    Indianapolis, IN

    Bath, MI

    Atlanta, GA

    Ashville, NC

    Hopewell, VA

    Oxford, MA

    Monterrey, Mexico

    Alto, Puerto Rico

    YAI's field sales and service staff enables the company to provide efficient and low cost installations and service as well as quick and timely response to customer needs in general. Yushin engineers frequently visit customer facilities as part of the applications engineering and specification process. YAI offers preventative maintenance and service contracts and provides ongoing application assistance for changing customer needs regarding tooling, software and downstream equipment integration.

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    Save Money and Downtime with Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance provided by Yushin America can supplement your own in-house maintenance department.  Our certified technicians will provide you with cost-effective maintenance programs for your Yushin equipment.  Properly maintained robots have a longer life cycle and experience less downtime.  Anybody in the plastics industry will know that downtime can be costly: assuming an average stopped line cost of $75/hour, one unexpected 12-hour downtime for repairs would cost $900.00!

    PM functions include:

    • Removal of any  dirt or grime from the robot, E.O.A.T. and controller
    • Check for signs of wear or damage on the bearings and rails and grease where applicable
    • Adjust belt tension
    • Clean filters
    • Confirm all fasteners are secure, including nuts, bolts, tie wraps and the pedestal and spacer
    • Check pneumatics for leaks or damaged or loose fittings: FRL, exhaust manifolds vacuum units and E.O.A.T.
    • Check all cables for visible damage and verify signals from the sensors to the controller
    • Check control box, relays in the interface box and all interlocks to the press
    • Ensure that cycle time is optimized by adjusting daylight on the IMM and speeds and timers on the robot
    • Ensure smooth operation of the robot by adjusting cushions and speed controls on valves
    • Report any damaged or wearing parts to the customer, advise which should be replaced and assist with ordering parts from Yushin

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    To schedule a service visit, please contact:
    Tel: (401) 463-1800, choose option 2 or enter Extension 3395
    Dir: (401) 490-4972
    Fax: (401) 463-1814