• Yushin America exhibits at NPE 2018



    YUSHIN AMERICA showcased their new redesigned product line at NPE 2018 in Orlando!


    If your business is associated with plastics in any way, this wad your "must-attend" event. As the world's leading plastics trade show with education programs, NPE assembles the full array of products, tools, equipment and resources in one efficient venue, providing total coverage of the innovative solutions and emerging technologies shaping the future of plastics.

    NPE2018 offers huge benefits and opportunities for companies in the plastic industry. Yushin America had a chance to exhibit at the National Plastics Show, showcasing their new product line. Yushin gave their attendees a chance to watch their products in action and learn from their experts in the booth. Yushin is happy to discuss your specific business needs and answer any questions at any time.

    Here is a brief recap of what was exhibited at the Yushin’s booth this year:

    • 2 fully automated, machine work cell utilized the all new FRA-1530S-17-11-CV2 robot with Industry 4.0 capabilities and all new active vibration control, and the new CTII-250DS-35-9.5-9.5 clamp end traverse robot series showcased space efficiency between machines on the production floor. In this working cell, a shaker cup was molded in one mold and a lid with pour spout in the other mold. The cell demonstrated the quick turn prototype design that utilized a 3D printed part model and a quick turn low cost aluminum tooling.
    • Another work cell featured a high speed molding cell with the HST-150S-15-8.5-EII robot with a 3 second molding cycle and a 0.5 second takeout of an 8 cavity thin wall medical part. The take-out robot handed off to a system that organized the parts into stacks for a floor mounted pack out RCII-150S-17-9.5 robot with a servo wrist that picked each individual stack and placed them into a high speed auto bagger. 

    • The new FRA demo robot highlighted the new E-Touch V controller with the all new robot programming language and IoT system capabilities. This cell also highlighted the all new state of the art active vibration control and world class safety standards that is not seen in most robots in the industry

    • New slim servo wrist unit display beside the old servo wrist unit

    • Active Anti-Vibration control features

    • New collaborative robot – 2 OB7 robots on display provided by Productive Robotics

    • New End of arm tooling design and build software display


      Yushin robot was also all around the show floor. Attendees had the opportunity to watch the robots in action in our following partnered booths:  


      • Boy Machines Inc., Booth# W2503 – showcased the SVR vertical molding machines that was mounted on a Boy 35E W molding machine. This work cell will demonstrated picking and inserting a metal bottle opener insert into the mold and removing the over molded part.

      • Canon Virginia, Inc., Booth# W223 – A fully integrated work cell featured two machines building a model with various pieces and packaging. A YC-250D-22-10.5-11 robot with servo wrist worked on a family shuttle mold picking different parts on each cycle. The RCII-250S-25-13 model picked a 16 cavity part delivered for assembly by a Co-bot and packaging into the molded packaging. A compact molding cell also showed a YCII-100S-11-8.5 robot mounted on a Sumitomo SE -75 machine picking single cavity lens.

      • Fortune International, Inc, Booth# W663 - A YCII-150D-15-9.5-9.5 mounted on a Fortune VS-130K picked shot glasses and placed them on a conveyor for post mold cooling and stacking by a Productive Robotics collaborative robot. This highly efficient, low cost work cell features the high value that can be achieved without breaking the bank with these products from Yushin.

      • JSW, Booth# W2111 - Cell #1 - A YCII-800S-30-18 mounted to JSW J 850ADW-3900H 850-ton molding machine ran a high speed automotive part. Cell # 2- AA YCII-150S-17-11 picked apart from a  two shot mold using a traditional 3 axis Cartesian style robot straddling the secondary injection unit located on the rear of the a machine.

      • Maruka – Toyo / FCS, Booth# W911 - Cell # 1 - A YCII-150S-15-95 mounted on a FCS HA-140S running a Dinosaur model family mold. The YCII robot picked the parts and the attached runner system. The sprue was automatically cut off and the part was handed off to the OB-7 collaborative robot.  The OB-7 presented the part to an auto bagging machine. In cell # 2, a YCII-150S-15-85 picked from a two cavity Spork mold with a simple cost effective 4 part adjustable EOAT and placed parts onto a Yushin indexing conveyor. Cell# 3 - This cell will highlighted the Yushin FRA-0515S-17-8.5-CV2 with the all new E-Touch V controller equipped with the new Intu Line Iot system that captured production data including: operating conditions, cycle times, and photos and video of the part removal and part placement portion of the molding cycle. This information was stored securely in a cloud that sent and then displayed on a TV monitor displayed in the Yushin booth. Also on display was a custom end of arm tool designed by Yushin to peel four LSR magnifying glasses from the mold and placed them onto a Yushin indexing conveyor.

      • PCS Company, Booth# W4170 - A HOP FIVE 650 was mounted to a Toyo SI-55-6 injection molding machine. The sprue picker had a small vacuum end of arm tool that removed a single cavity coaster.

      • Nissei America, Inc. Booth# W923 - The all new Yushin FRA-1530S-17-11-CV2 robot was mounted to a Nissei FNX-220 molding machine and picking a single cavity tray with an end arm tool designed using Yushin’s new auto design end of arm tooling design software. The EOAT software simply uploaded the CAD data of the part and the end of arm tool was automatically designed using one of the tubular or angular frame type. This cell featured a fully integrated controller and Intu Line (Yushin’s IoT system) sent the information to the cloud, displaying the production statistics on the TV display in the Yushin booth.

      • Sodick / Plustech, Booth# W782 – Another Yushin SVR-C50 robot was displayed on the Sodick LP20VRA. The robot was removing an 8 cavity micro molded filter and presenting the part to a Visco vision system.

      • Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, Booth# W3045 - A Yushin YC-30-95.5 was mounted to a Sumitomo SE 30 ton machine. This cell will featured a single arm robot removing parts and runner from a micro three plate mold. The cell featured customer designed end of arm tooling to remove the micro part along with a micro degating station to remove the second runner. 

      • Toshiba Machine Co., America, Booth# W1263 - A Yushin FRA3060S-22-13-C2V was mounted to a Toshiba TIA250S injection molding machine. The FRA robot in this cell also demonstrated Yushin’s IoT system capabilities, transmitting all production statistics and displaying the data at the Yushin booth. The C2V specification on the FRA robot is fully compliant with all international safety protocol including ENSIO12100, EN60204, EN ISO 10218 and is a safety category 3 device. A customer designed end of arm tool was removing a two cavity seven day a week pill box with 7 individual closure for each compartment. The end or arm tool picked the parts and flexed the living hinges for each compartment before placing on a Yushin Indexing conveyor system.

      • Zieger Industries, Booth# W4143 - The Yushin YC-100S-11-8 robot was mounted to a Milacron Roboshot 55-ton with the E-Touch Compact controller, a custom engineered  end of arm tool, and a Yushin indexing conveyor. The robot was removing a 2-cavity, LSR lens without the assistance of an ejection circuit. The dual-function end of arm tooling pushed the parts from the backside of the center plate of the mold and received the parts from the front side of the center plate with grippers, removing the parts and the runner.

      We would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU FOR VISITING OUR BOOTH AT NPE 2018 in Orlando! and giving us the great opportunity to  share and exchange our thoughtsand experiences  with you all!