• Molding Conference 2017

    Molding Conference 2017 – April 4-6 at Sheraton Charlotte Hotel in Charlotte, NC

    Yushin’s own Engineering Operations Manager will be present at the event and speaking about the topic on Robots and Automation. 

    Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 - 1:15-1:45 pm
    Dino Caparco, Yushin America /
    Successful Automation Implementation

    Yushin will discuss examples of successful automationimplementation and instances where manufacturers were able to leverageautomation to improve production and their bottom line. Yushin will discuss thevalue that automation provides to all different levels of implementation fromsimple pick and place applications to full turn-key automation cells. Severalexamples will be reviewed showing varied levels of automation and discussingthe value that this has provided the manufacturer.
    Yushin will also discuss how the right partner can help you evaluate yourprocess and determine what makes sense for your automation projects and whereyou will gain the most from automation. In addition, we will discuss severalpoints to implementing successful automation in your facility includingchoosing the best supplier, evaluating the return, and evaluating yourorganization to determine what level of automation you are able to supporttoday and how to get to the next level for future automation projects.


    Now in its 27th year, the Molding conference brings global leaders and innovators in injection molding together under one roof in the world's premier technical conference on this technology.  

    Molding 2017 is a unique event focusing on innovations in injection molding technology.  At Molding 2017, industry leaders discuss the latest developments in various molding processes, equipment, materials and management techniques, with special emphasis on adding value to your business. These conferences are widely recognized as the most important forum for technical information and business conditions in injection molding.

    Learn from experts on process management, materials development, automation, tooling, additive manufacturing and materials handling, and drying. Network with peers and industry professionals that can help improve your operations. Meet with buyers and suppliers that will help grow your business. Attend sessions on the hottest topics in injection molding, including end-market focused breakout sessions, presented by industry leaders!

    General conference topics include: 

    • Emerging molding technologies: Additive Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance and more.

    • Materials: Engineering materials, thermoplastic composites, LSR, recycled/reprocessed materials and more. 

    • Tooling: Intelligent molds, servo-electric tool actions, 3D-printed production tooling, advances in hot runners and more.

    • Robots & Automation: Collaborative robots, Cartesian versus jointed-arm robots, when you should automate and more.

    • ?Establishing & Maintaining a Robust Process: Applying principles of scientific molding and other strategies to create repeatable molding processes. 


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    Registration includes:

    • Full access to all Molding 2017 conference sessions

    • Admission to the Molding 2017 exhibits

    • Complimentary meals and refreshments throughout the event

    • Entry to the Opening Reception and Grand Reception


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