• Celebratory event for the new head office factory


    August 29, 2017

    Held in the new headquarters plant completion commemorative celebrations

    - Yushinseiki  -


    1. New headquarters plant completed its commemorative celebrations held on August 28, 2017.  It has released a new headquarters plant in Kyoto, Japan.


    1. Factory tours 13:30 to 16:00 <Participants: 512 people>

    2. Celebration 17:00 to 19:00 <Participants: 455 people>

    (Overview of our President during snack greeting)

    Since 10 May 1973, Yushin was established as a small town factory in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto.  The company entered the plastic goods industry, home and abroad, supported by a variety of customers. Yushin has promoted a walk. In 1985 it moved to Fushimi-ku, as the take-out robot maker, and since then expanded its business volume.

    Acquiring the new land in 2011 in Minami-ku, the new headquarters and factory was so long-sought and had greeted the completion. As a base to open up our future, and to promote the rationalization of productivity improvements and business together, we would like to promote the company creation with job satisfaction of employees. In July this year, anticipation of the future of plastic injection molding, will be releasing the "FRA" new product take-out robot equipped with a vibration control and IoT and latest features.

    Going forward, to create innovation with the aim of world technology, customer trust, and continuation of company satisfaction, we will continue to strive.

    Plant tours of the landscape:

    Celebration of the landscape

    2. New headquarters factory full-scale operation

    In November 2015, our new headquarters plant, which celebrated the completion in December 2016, for the sustainable growth of the group, it raised the promotion of productivity improvement and business rationalization to target,  we have a full-scale operation.

    - (Ltd.) Yushinseiki aim of the new headquarters plant construction-

    1. Improvement of productivity

    - aggregate production area in order to carry out from the acceptance of the member and the body of the main plant to assembly, inspection and shipment. Consistency of productivity will work to improve. A vast floor area secured in Wanfuro A, was to increase the degree of freedom in the process layout.

    2. Increase orders of large machine

    - a large take-out robot to expand the space for assembly and inspection, correlating to the increased orders. We established a very large take-out robot corresponding to the mold clamping force 5000 tons of class molding machine, also has secured height as a three-layer blow-by so that you can run.

    3. Rationalization of business due to activation of sophisticated communications

    - for the activation of communication between departments, sales, development, design, management soil various departments is that to work together in a single floor, of innovation creation we aim to live.

    4. Create a rich working environment for working employees 

    - in addition to the renovation of office and factory environment, the development of amenities - Hall rooftop garden etc. support and promote exchanges and comfortable meals, internal and external installation of the training room to contribute to human resource development, such as the establishment of health support room to support ways of working, our employees are working in a more comfortable working environment.

    <(Ltd.) Yushinseiki new for the headquarters factory>

    • ¦ Address Yubinbango601-8205, Minami-ku, Kyoto Kuzetonoshiro-cho, address 555
    • ¦ Contact TEL 075-933-9555 FAX 075-934-4033
    • ¦ Completion Date 2016 December 5
    • ¦ site area 20,597 m2
    • ¦ Total floor area 20,095 m2
    • ¦ building structure seven-story headquarters building (office building),four-storey factory building